Risk/Claim Advisors

clmnhead-riskclaimadvisorsProject Rescue.

RESKON is prepared and experienced to take immediate action seamlessly and transparently to resurrect any derailed project. Partnering with Surety Companies called-in to complete bonded projects; and Lenders and Owners with projects experiencing contactors non-performance or abandonment.


stoplightContractor Pre-Qualification Reportcard [CPR] saves project lives.

Whether you are an Owner, Developer, Lender or the Contractor to validate you are most qualified to bid – getting a CPR will save the project. Having the right contractor to bid and perform the construction project will reap on benefits for both sides of this high risk and volatile industry. RESKON will complete an extensive and deep-probing comprehensive prequalification program of any contractor. It will cover essential real data covering key industry and project specific vital signs. With its extensive cognitive and empirical data analysis, RESKON transfers and generates a very user-friendly report card, the CPR.


riskclaim-econreality-smTime is Money when solving claims and disagreements.

RESKON pushes normal team building concepts often used in partnering with problem solving techniques to facilitate a strategic plan for resolving disputes in “real-time” on the project ultimately saving costs. RESKON designs and then facilitates numerous sessions aimed at project participants at different levels and roles. The purpose of the sessions is to assess the goals and objectives, duties and responsibilities of the parties and establish strategies and tactics to ensure that the parties meet these goals in their performance.  A key aspect of successful Project Strategic Planning is a detailed program to resolve disputes on a timely basis. RESKON is well versed in various tactics of dispute resolution and, in combination with developing the strategic plan, can act as a facilitator to solve disputes. There are multiple levels of dispute resolutions. The goal of dispute resolution is to give parties the opportunity to settle a dispute quickly at relatively minor cost, and with a minimum of emotional involvement and stress before it escalates to the point of claim and litigation. When a dispute escalates to a claim and the process moves closer to litigation the parties that are best able to resolve the claim quickly and easily get pushed farther apart as additional parties are interjected into the mix (attorneys, experts, etc.). The farther a dispute moves up the dispute ladder the less and less control an individual has over its own destiny. It is at this point that costs begin to climb. The costs are not just monetary but encompass time, emotions, reputation, and relationships.